Documentation changes in M33.74

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This week i investigated a new Cronacle release (M33.74) for a customer. I extracted the documentation from the file.
I was used to the documentation set, listed below. As you see, the API documentation was separated guide compared to the other guides.

Documentation changes in M33.74

API documentation guide moved

My first impression of the documentation was: The API documentatie Guide” is gone!“. From Redwood Support I got the information that the “API Documention” is moved to “Cronacle Development Guide”. See below the index of M33.74.
Documentation changes in M33.74

New Search functionality

A great improvement on documentation is the search functionality. In previous versions you had to gess in with documentation you could find a particular search item. Now you can search in the current guide (or in all guides) for a particular search item. In the example below, I searched on 2 items (defaultrunasuser, runasuser).
Documentation changes in M33.74

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