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Scheduling4all is RunMyJobs Partner

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Scheduling4all is RunMyJobs Partner Scheduling4all is proud to be the first partner for RunMyJobs in the Netherlands!

RunMyJobs is the first save job scheduling environment in de cloud. Worldwide there are already thousands of customers who are using the Enterprise Job scheduler (Cronacle8 of SAP/CPS) for Business Process automation in there own IT infrastructure.

Customer can now, cost effective, make use of this functionality in the Cloud.

As a partner we support RunMyJob implementation, training-on-the-job, support of partner applications. Beside of this, we are building RunMyJobs Apps, on request, So RunMyJobs customer will out of the box add-on functionality. Soon available:

Job History: Archive your job History to your own local database. Job history will not be lost any more! Now you can analyse your jobs.